Starship Group Virtual Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations for Membership at Starship Group Virtual.

1) Definitionen

1.1) "Starship VA" designates an association of virtual pilots.
1.2) "Staff" designates all members performing administrative tasks.
1.3) "HQ" designates the the administration of Starship VA.
1.4) "Pilot" or "Member" designates the user of services provided by Starship VA.

2) General

2.1) Starship VA is not a real airline.
2.2) Starship VA or its owners are not responsible or liable for any damage or loss which occured during the use of services of Starship VA.
2.3) All services of Starship VA are free of charge, use at own risk.

3) Membership

3.1) By becoming a member at Starship VA the member accepts the R&R
3.2) Membership at Starship VA is defined as being listed on the pilots roster page and having access to the services offered on Starship VA.
3.3) There is no right to be a member with Starship VA.
3.4) Membership will be given and revoked by decision of Starship VA Staff.
3.5) Before becoming a member, the applicant must be registered as a user with an active account at
3.6) Members need to provide their VID during registration.
3.7) The membership is terminable any time. The dismissal has to be send to
3.8) The minimum flighttime is 1 (one) hour per month.
3.9) Since the date of registration, the pilot automatically gives the airline the consent to publish personal data (profile, pireps,. . ) in any form.

4) Events and Tours

4.1) All Events and Tours provided by Starhip VA are noncommittal. Participation is desirable but not mandatory.
4.2) The validation ensued manually. After completing a Tour or took part in an Event provided by Starship VA, the member have to submit his Tour / Event to
4.3) If one or more legs are not matching with the reqirements of the validation team, a member can be prompted to fly the cartain leg(s) again.
4.4) Tours have to be flown in chronological order.

5) Flights

5.1) Only Flights reported with granted ARCARS software are taken into account. In case of difficulties with the software do not hesitate to contact the staff.
5.2) It is nescessary to use the callsign "STARSHIP" (STS) if a member is connected to If a member is contrained to use another callsign (due to Tours or Events etc.) he must file in the Remarks (field 18) the following "OPR/STARSHIP" and "CS/STARSHIP".
5.3) The pilot is located on a specific airport which can only changed by a transfer.
5.4) Aircrafts can be damaged by a hard landing. Thereafter they has to be repaired in a maintance hall which require a specific time.
5.5) The member has to insure he is using the aircraft in simulator selected in ACARS.
5.6) A manufacturer of flightsimulation products (e.g. aerosoft, PMDG, Flightfactor) is not predetermined.
5.7) Refueling in flight is prohibited. The leg will be rejected.

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